SkyVac ATOM Gutter Vacuums

SkyVac ATOM Gutter Vacuums

The SkyVac ATOM joins it’s two bigger Brothers but still packs a powerful punch with it’s commercial grade build.

Our Advanced Carbon Fibre Pole Sections are 3 times Lighter than equivalent Aluminium Poles making them much lighter to manoeuvre above your head.

Being smallest SkyVac in the family means that it does not require too much space.

The ATOM can tackle any challenge you want to throw at it in all sorts of environments including domestic and commercial property’s.

With the added feature of a blow function means the multi talented ATOM can carry out the following tasks…

  • Gutter Cleaning (up to 3 storey’s high)
  • High Reach Vacuuming
  • Leaf Blowing
  • Wet and Dry Pick UP (Indoors or Outdoors)
  • Pond Dredging