The Worlds Most Powerful Gutter Cleaning System

The sky’s the limit…… when using this revolutionary gutter and high reach cleaning system.

SkyVac High Reach Health & Safety Vacuuming

SkyVac High Reach Health & Safety Vacuuming

Commercial, Industrial Interior high reach vacuuming systems suitable for ATEX and other health and safety environments

FEATURED SkyVac Interceptor

The world's Most Powerful Free Standing Gutter Cleaning Machine ​

Any job to do with height, a SkyVac unit an handle it

Quality and manufacturing cost is measured by the Carbon content and SkyVac Poles have the Maximum. Other systems will be using a composite mix containing more fibre glass and they are 25% heavier than the SkyVac poles. This gives us three major advantages strength, rigidity and lightness. Each 1.5 metre (5ft) pole only weighs 310 grams. Important factors, especially when cleaning at height over long periods.

Product Reviews

Everyone that uses a SkyVac system loves them. Fantastic products backed up with sold warranties and excellent after sales customer support. If you would like to know more, touch base with us today.

I have just purchased the SkyVac Atom and I can only offer praise for this 1600w machine. Very easy to transport around plus it' s nice and light.
Brook Miles
Commercial Cleaner
SkyVac are brilliant products that get the job done. We've got two machines permanently in use around Auckland. They work!
Mel James
Exterior Cleaning Co